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In 2021, sisters Domonique and Alexandra Ramos embarked on a mission to simplify tax season.

With Domonique's expertise in finance and tax and Alexandra's background in eCommerce and digital marketing, an opportunity to revolutionise the way individuals approach their taxes was identified.

We brainstormed a solution: an online platform where clients could purchase tax products, effortlessly upload documents, and let the experts handle the rest. Our vision was to minimise the hassle of tax preparation while maximising returns for our clients.

Fuelled by determination and a shared passion for innovation, we worked tirelessly to bring our idea to life. Late nights were spent perfecting the platform, fine-tuning marketing strategies, and refining the user experience. Our journey has been filled with challenges and moments of doubt, but our unwavering belief in our vision kept us pushing forward. With each obstacle we overcame, we grew closer to our goal of creating a seamless and stress-free tax preparation process for our clients.

Finally, after months of hard work and anticipation, We are beyond excited to launch our platform.


We know that our journey is just beginning, with endless opportunities to continue innovating and making a difference in the lives of our clients.

Let us make tax simple

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